Asian Pastoral Institute

Asian Pastoral Institute adopts cross-disciplinary and Asian Christian spirituality perspectives to train and develop men and women for the manifold ministries of our Lord Jesus Christ and His Church. Students can expect to grow in their appreciation and analysis of contemporary issues. These are trained in competency and proficiency to address complex issues, integrating multiple disciplines with spiritual discernment to impact their personal, spiritual and professional lives, and their organisations and communities.

Asian Pastoral Institute offers undergraduate and graduate programmes for the life-long equipping of the saints. It adopts an apprenticeship model that enhances experiential learning. Students learn by doing under guided supervision. Marketplace believers will be equipped for service in Christian ministries and organisations. Believers are strengthened as Christian witnesses in the marketplace, where they spend most of their waking hours. Moreover, graduands stand ready to serve in full-time ministry in the fullness of time.

Asian Pastoral Institute programmes are thus designed to strategically build sustainability and facilitate leadership training and succession—in the Church and her ministries, and Christian organisations and communities. Ultimately, students are equipped to contextualise a practice of Christian spirituality in Asia to win souls, make disciples, raise leaders, plant churches and extend the borders of missions. Coherent to a contextualisation of its mission, Asian Pastoral Institute also offers a portfolio of counselling services through API Care and Counselling.  Asian Pastoral Institute, together with API Care and Counselling, will move to its new campus at 20 Aljunied Road by the end of 2021.

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Asian Pastoral Institute will be having an accreditation review with the Asia Theological Association in September 2021 for the following programmes:

  • Certificate in Pastoral Studies
  • Diploma in Pastoral Studies
  • Bachelor of Arts in Pastoral Studies
  • Graduate Diploma in Pastoral Studies
  • Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies
  • Master of Divinity
  • Graduate Diploma in Counselling
  • Master of Arts in Counselling & Community Work

Asian Pastoral Institute is also seeking recognition by the Singapore Association for Counselling and the International Registry of Counselling Education Programs for the following programmes:

  • Graduate Diploma in Counselling
  • Master of Arts in Counselling & Community Work

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