Student Pass Application Procedure

The Immigration & Checkpoint Authority (ICA) of Singapore provides online application for Student Pass. The Registrar’s Office will initiate the application process once the student has accepted the offer of admission to API, and will also provide guidance for the Student Pass application.

API will not be able to admit international students if their application for Student Pass is rejected by the ICA.

ICA link:

Documents Required for Application

The Registrar’s Office will facilitate the Student Pass application procedure. Students are responsible for submitting the following items together with their API Application forms:

  • copies of Form 16 and Form V36 duly completed and signed (ICA Forms link)
  • a copy of birth certificate
  • copies of highest educational certificates and transcripts
  • a copy of passport information page with a minimum period of one-year validity from the date of arrival to Singapore
  • a passport-sized photo with white background

Note: Official translation of the documents is required if they are not in the English language.

Entry to Singapore (Visa & Embarkation Cards)

Please do not come to Singapore until the Student Pass has been approved. On approval by the ICA, API will email the Immigration In-Principle Approval (IPA) letter to the student. The student may then make whatever preparation needed to come to Singapore. All international students should plan to arrive in Singapore at least one month before the start of the academic term.

At the Immigration Checkpoint, the student is required to fill in the Embarkation Card. A social visit pass of a one-month stay in Singapore will be granted. Prospective students need to check if they need to apply for visa for entry to Singapore. Together with the Embarkation Card, the IPA letter given to you will be the Visa Entry for you to enter Singapore.

Completion of Student Pass Process

After arrival, the student will need to fulfil the ICA requirements before collecting the Student Pass. The Registrar’s Office will guide the student to complete the Student Pass formalities and obtain the student pass within the 1-month stay as a social visit pass holder. The process will include:

  • A medical check-up to be done in Singapore with HIV-screening at one of the clinical laboratories designated by the Ministry of Health.
  • Where applicable, a security deposit in the form of a Banker’s Guarantee may be required upon approval of the student pass application. The student will need to pay a non-refundable banker’s guarantee service charge. The student is responsible for all costs incurred.

Security Deposits
All international students (except Malaysians) are required by the ICA to obtain a Banker’s Guarantee as a Security Deposit before they can obtain their Student Passes. The Banker’s Guarantee must be valid for at least six months beyond until the completion of studies and the cancellation of the Student Pass. This is to fulfil ICA requirements. For example, if a student is planning to complete his studies in three years’ time, the validity of the Banker’s Guarantee should be at least three years and six months.

S$1,000     Citizens of Indonesia, Republic of the Philippines, and Thailand
S$5,000     Citizens of Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, and People’s Republic of China
S$1,500      Citizens of other countries

All international students must have a Student Pass issued by Immigration and Customs Authority (ICA) prior to arrival in Singapore. A multiple- journey visa will be issued together with the Student Pass. The fees listed below are for per person.

ICA Fee Paid Annually (every 12 months)
Student Pass Application Fee S$30
Student Pass Issuance Fee S$60
Multiple-Journey Visa Fee S$30

Other related fees for processing of Student Pass and Visa are found in this link:

Note that fees are subject to changes, and students have to check ICA’s website for latest figures.

  • Students are required to collect their Student Pass (which is valid 6-12months) in person and produce all ORIGINAL copies of supporting documents for verification at that time.

Financial Standing

Students are responsible for personal and family financial expenses incurred during the course of study. They must have adequate financial resources or support from church, family, friends, savings or other means; otherwise, a student pass will not be granted. Immigration laws forbid holders of a student pass and long-term social visit pass to engage in any form of paid employment. A breach of the law may result in cancellation of pass and repatriation.


API does not provide on-campus student housing. There are, however, a number of housing options available for international students. Some churches and individuals do make rooms or flats available for API students. Please consult with the Registrar if you need assistance.