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The MDiv programme has equipped me with working knowledge of the biblical languages, backed with the application of sound hermeneutics. This training, coupled with practice sermons throughout the course of study, is very helpful in my ministry as it enables me to perform more in-depth and accurate exegesis, as well as expository preaching of God’s Word. The coverage on Asian religions and philosophy have also broadened my paradigm to consider various worldviews so that I learn to be more sensitive and dynamic in my interaction with people.”

Master of Divinity, Class of 2021

Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies, Class of 2017

Assistant Pastor, Crystal Tabernacle

Professional background – Process/Project Engineering and Pastoral Ministry

Quek Pei Jun

Dr Gabriel Jacob

“Upon completing the API MDiv programme, I can confidently say that I am better equipped with abilities, skills, and knowledge in multiple cognate areas of Biblical studies, theology, religion, and ministry skills. The intensive programme delivered by passionate lecturers have provided me with tools relevant and important for ministries today. Most importantly, the programme has instilled a spiritual transformation that propels a closer walk with the Lord and a greater desire to serve Him.”  

Master of Divinity, Class of 2021

Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies, Class of 2018

Assistant Pastor, Crystal Tabernacle

Professional background – Researcher (Entrepreneurship) and Pastoral Ministry

Gabriel Henry Jacob

Tay Lee Teng Photo

“The MDiv programme has enhanced my knowledge of the Scriptures through the study of biblical languages (Greek and Hebrew) and hermeneutics. It has also helped me to understand theological concepts using philosophical methods and to have a deeper appreciation of the major religions in Asia. Its good content and delivery have contributed significantly to my spiritual growth and development, and has better equipped me for ministry work.”

Master of Divinity, Class of 2021

Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies, Class of 2006

Assistant Pastor, Crystal Tabernacle

Professional background – Administration, Human Resource and Pastoral Ministry

Tay Lee Teng

“The training in Asian Pastoral Institute (API) has equipped me with skills and knowledge to administer soul care. By applying psychological theories, I become aware of any developmental issues. God then helped me relive those moments that I was held bondage to, and healed me emotionally and psychologically.”

Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies, Class of 2014

Professional background – Finance and Accountancy; Strategy and Business Policy

Liew Yah Ling

“It was a fruitful and satisfying journey with MAPS to explore various aspects of spiritual discipline and development. There are plenty of opportunities for me to gain much insight, broaden my horizon of understanding and reframe my mindset and shift my perspective when working alongside other course participants in various projects, presentations, and discussions. Another important highlight is the course instructors, who are experienced, patient, and willing to go the extra mile to engage us. I strongly recommend the MAPS!”

Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies, Class of 2020

Professional background – Education

Er Yu Seng

“Through the MAPS degree programme, I learnt key foundational skills and knowledge for providing pastoral care and guidance to both Christians and non-Christians. I gained a basic grounding in counselling and developmental stages, which helped me to minister to people who were in need. With a deeper understanding of the Christian worldview through theological and biblical studies, I am better equipped to interact and minister to others in intercultural settings as is common today.”

Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies, Class of 2018

Master of Divinity, Class of 2021

Assistant Pastor, Charis Tabernacle

Professional background – Education and Pastoral Ministry

Chew Ai Ping

“The MAPS is a spiritually enriching course that allows me to understand biblical theology and history of Christianity. The course also facilitates much interaction among the classmates through group projects and I managed to get to know new friends from other church branches. With a focus on practical application, I enjoyed the times of doing street evangelism, house visitation, counselling, children, and youth teaching and even performed choir singing on the stage with my classmates. The course had taught me to be bold to step out of my comfort zone by partnering with God and not on my own strength to do His work.”

Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies, Class of 2019

Professional background – Mobile Communication (Technology Development)

Simon Foo

“The MAPS programme allowed me to gain biblical knowledge and enhanced my spiritual discipline, which were helpful for my personal life and for my work in the Children Church ministry. Through the programme, I also acquired research and writing skills that were valuable for my personal development. I enjoyed learning from the lecturers and course mates. Participation in presentations and practicums trained me in my time and project management skills, and in my boldness to speak up. It was a fruitful experience (with long-lasting impact) completing the MAPS programme.”

Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies, Class of 2017

Professional background – Human Resource

Wang Peiqi

“It has been a rewarding experience attending the Bachelor of Arts in Pastoral Studies programme. The programme includes classroom learning, practicum, group discussion and presentation. I particularly enjoyed the interactive discussion and the homily during class, and the understanding of the spiritual implications of the lessons. It has equipped me for my ministry in church.”

Bachelor of Arts in Pastoral Studies, Class of 2017

Professional background – Management System Certification

Lee Lai Mei

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