Dr. SEAH Hok Heng David Jeremiah

Founding Chairman and President, Asian Pastoral Institute

Chua Sharon Photo

CHUA Sharon

Pastor, Charis Tabernacle; Director, Adult Christian Education, Asian Pastoral Institute

Lam Swee Sum Photo

Dr. LAM Swee Sum

Honorary Fellow, National University of Singapore Business School

Lee Kian Cheng Photo

Dr. LEE Kian Cheng

Assistant Professor, School of International Affairs, Chiang Mai University

Dr. LIAN Bee Tin

Dean, Asian Pastoral Institute

Dr. LIM Sheng Mian Matthew

Lecturer in Clinical Psychology, National University of Singapore

Tham Chee Kin

Dr. THAM Chee Kin

Head, School of Health and Nursing and Counsellor, Management Development Institute of Singapore