The API Care and Counselling (APICC) is the counselling and community service arm of the Asian Pastoral Institute. We seek to care for individuals and the community. Led by a multidisciplinary team of senior counsellors, psychologists and social workers, our unique blend of skills serve to holistically address personal mental health, relationship and family issues.

What we do

In addition to counselling services, APICC offers retreats, training and educational workshops. We also organise community building events aimed at promoting resilient and cohesive communities

Started in 2019, we have organised numerous events such as Walk-for-Rice, marital preparation and  marital enrichment courses for couples, mental well-being workshops and webinars to empower individuals to live more effective lives.

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Who we are

Our supervisory staff are registered practitioners with their respective professional associations in Singapore and beyond. Each comes with years of professional experience. In addition, all our counsellors have at least a master’s degree in counselling; all participate regularly in community and volunteer programmes. All supervisors and counsellors are equipped to address spiritual concerns as well.

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Marital Preparation and Marital Enrichment

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